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Network75 Ltd is a spin-out company of the University of South Wales offering training courses that allow attendees to gain a full appreciation of the dangers of pressure in pipes and how accidents can be avoided.

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Founded in 2002 by Professor Steve Thomas and Dr Steve Lloyd, Network75 Ltd is a spin out company from the University of South Wales offering Pressure Awareness training to businesses within the water industry.

In 2007 the company was approached by a large multinational contractor to the water industry. A senior manager within the organisation had serious concerns about the number and severity of accidents that were occurring as a result of the build up of air in the water pipe network. In order to train the workforce to gain an understanding of the dangers of air pressure in pipes we developed innovative practical rigs that would demonstrate the potentially fatal consequences of not appreciating the hidden dangers that constantly reside within a water pipe network. [read more]


When we were first approached to develop a training course that would demonstrate the dangers of pressure in pipes we knew we had to make the content interesting and highly visual.

Our first idea was the air powered rocket because this would be relatively simple and would have a very high visual impact. There were also some ready-made toys on the market which we could utilise immediately.

We spent a long time designing and developing our own rockets which also incorporated  parachutes that would allow the rocket a more controlled return to the ground.

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