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Air Pressure Training

The half day Pressure Awareness training provided by Network75 Ltd consists of a short lecture, followed by a pub-style quiz as well as highly visual practical demonstrations.

The practical sessions are the exciting element of the training where we exhibit our ‘Melon Surprise‘, which was inspired by the film ‘The Day of the Jackal’ where a rifle’s accuracy is tested by firing at a watermelon. This demonstration illustrates the type of damage that can be inflicted with air pressure as low as 3 bar. We also demonstrate, using an air-powered rocket, the explosive energy air pressure can build. The rocket used can be blasted through the air up to a height 300m using pressure created with a bicycle pump.

Pressure Awareness Training

Typical Course

The course takes around 2.5 hours and includes a classroom presentation and practical sessions. We will deliver the course where it is most convenient for your staff but some space is required to launch the air powered rocket.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of a training session the attendee will be able to:

  • Appreciate the difference between air and hydraulic pressure
  • Understand how area, force and pressure interact
  • Identify dangerous situations and bad practice and thereby avoid accidents
  • Understand how relatively low pressures can potentially be fatal
  • Appreciate how pressure varies in different parts of a water network

Course Schedule

PowerPoint Presentation
  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Examples of accidents through pressure failure
  • Quiz
  • Fundamentals of Pressure & Head
  • Force and Units Measurement
  • Difference between air & hydraulic pressure
  • Networks and Pumps
  • Water networks over 24hr period
  • Case Studies
Practical Demonstrations
  • Practical demonstrations including air powered rocket and Melon Surprise
Classroom Session
  • Review accidents
  • Water World rig
  • Quiz Answers
  • Closing Discussion
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